10 Tips To Grow Long Strong Beautiful Hair and Beach Hair Secrets

10 Tips To Grow Long Strong Beautiful Hair and Beach Girl Tips

Hi! Many have emailed and asked how to grow out ones hair and get a beachy looking 'salad' as Canadians say.. haha, how to take care of ones hair naturally and eco friendly etc. So lets talk about all that good hair ish. Below is a list of 10 things that are my musts to keep long strong healthy flowing locks! * Note my hair use to be super dry like straw and I couldn't grow it past my shoulders... ! This stuff works... Most everything is just a matter of habits,I have 2 products I recommend and the rest you can find in your pantry ! Let me know how it goes and if you find it helpful on Instagram @earthyandy! Aloha

             1. Remember it takes time! 

Keep in mind that hair typically grows about a quarter of an inch a month, so if you're starting off with a bob cut, its going to take time! To make it grow faster.. hydrate, nourish, and exercise so your body is working at full potential (also a high quality multivitamin can help with health growth). But during this process take care of your strands and this is what works for me.... 

2. Are scissor is your friend?

Every hair stylist I have ever met  says, if cut your hair regularly your hair will grow out better in the long run! Well I did this for years and years and it didn't work because every six months I was getting chopping off what I just tried to grow out. I had a few years were hair cuts were just not in the budget so I let it grow for over year and a half  with no trims.. and like magic.. long hair! Not cutting worked best for me.

* If you see a girl on the beach that has long beachy hair.. its usually because she doesn't cut it, and when she does a friend or sister does it :)  

Saved dollars and finally my hair got longer!   I felt like my hair stopped splitting too. Now the trick is to keep this hair strong and healthy... 

3. Conditioner is a best friend! HOW you condition is important too! 

To replenish your hair and keep it from breaking, keep it hydrated with conditioner! My favorite eco/animal friendly/ sun protective shampoo and conditioner is  from SUNBUM! I use to buy expensive shampoos (that my kids end up using for llike bubble suds or a slip'n slide  on the trampoline.. ahhhhhh whhhy (our shower is outside...) and also  have tried cheap ones that end up building residue.  SunBum products end up being the best option cost wise and 'keep that hair lush wise!'

Conditioner TIP *.. put conditioner in damp hair instead of soaking wet hair to get the most value  and bang for your buck! When your hair is too wet a lot of the conditioner just slides off. I spend about 1 minute lathering it into my damp hair before getting under the shower head. 

*BEACH GIRLS and POOL GIRLS... if you're going into the salt water or chlorine pools, spray your hair with a leave in conditioner to protect your strands.. I use sunbums 3-1 leave in conditioner (I know Im obsessed with their whole line! You can also take your conditioner in the shower and coat the hair too (but then it looks like you have stuff in your hair..). . The purpose is to shield your hair from the water and salt to keep your hair from  drying out ! Nothing drys your hair out faster than salt water and sun (besides maybe a blow dryer and flat iron ;)! When I coat my hair consistently.. it makes a world of difference! (my hair use to singe, like literally burn from the sun and have all these frizz patches... but not any more)! 


4. Skip Shampooing or Showering when you can! 

Never skip conditioner but if you don't have oily hair go ahead and skip shampooing here and there to give your hair a break. 

5. Apply an oil or mask treatment weekly. DIY Natural Remedy at home Style. 

Every week I soak my hair in warm coconut oil for a deeper treatment! All you do is get your hair a little damp, coat your hair in warm coconut oil (can mix with jojoba and macadamia  if you have) and then tie your hair in a bun! Leave in for 45 minutes,  then shampoo twice, and condition as normal. Sometimes it takes two showers to get it out but its worth it. 

"Oils fill strands up with fatty acids and then, when rinsed out, using regular shampoo helps seal them inside hair,". 

6. DIET! 

A diet full of nutrients and hydration is going to do wonders for hair just like it does for your nails, your glowing skin and bright eyes! If you find it difficult to get a nutrient dense diet in then try adding a high quality multi-vitamin. My hair has never grown faster, been stronger, or healthier since being consistent with a healthful diet and lifestyle (my hair use to feel and look like straight up straw! ). Next time you look at a salad or fruit and think boring.. think luxurious hair!! haha. 

7. Be Gentle


When brushing your hair start at the bottom and work your way up. This is the most gentle way. If I have dreads from surfing and not brushing for a few days... haha..well I soak my hair in conditioner and brush gently in the shower ! I use a natural paddle brush.. that works best for tangles. The less pulling the less breakage and the better your hair is going to look and feel. 


Only use pony tails that have no metal on it. Metal bands break the hair.  Also switch up where you tie your pony on your head so you are not always tampering with the same spot :) 


If you have a problem with frizz ,  'poofiness' and wild hair like I did, end each shower with a rinse of cold water. This helps A LOT! It seals the hair follicles in tight making for a smoother finish! Just how its good to finish washing your face with cold water to close your pores, its good for your hair too! 

9. Blow Drying and Products

To a minimum! I don't own a blow dyer actually. If you need to blow dry your hair, let air dry as much as possible and use products as little as possible bottom line! If you want beachy hair, don't wash it, go run around in the wind, haha!  OR use Sunbums beach hair products... they give that tossled beach desired texture look quite spot on! 

10. When to use Oil and Serum

Don't use oil and Serum in the direct sun and water! 

I just learned this last year!! I was doing it all wrong! I use to put oil in my hair before the beach thinking it was protecting my hair.. but my good friend and hair stylist told me that is the worst thing to do and to stop immediately because it basically bakes your hair.. ooops! Serums are great to tame the hair but only in the city and out of the rays :)

There ya go! Hope this helps for anyone looking for it! This is things I learned over the years and stoked to know that it definitely made a difference! 

oh yes and to answer is my hair colored, no. Just bleached out from the sun and salt water :)

all photos are by my beautiful friend @hbgoodie! She is amazing.. if you're on the island you need to get your photos done with her! You don't even realize she's shooting and somehow she makes everything look alive and awesome :)

all photos are by my beautiful friend @hbgoodie! She is amazing.. if you're on the island you need to get your photos done with her! You don't even realize she's shooting and somehow she makes everything look alive and awesome :)


*This is the number one product I cannot live without- The Beach Formula 3-1 by Sunbum). It gets through tangles like no others, conditions and shields my hair (and the boys) from the sun! (and just in case your wondering, this isn't a sponsored post at all, I just really love their products!)