Very Cherry Vanilla Nice Cream Bowl & Nicecream Tips

Ah gosh with the touch of chocolate vegan coconut chips ( at costco, brand forever green) and fruity toppings this combo had us in the clouds!

For anyone new to my site, all recipes are vegan, plant based, gluten free and processed sugar free :) I am trying to start saving recipes so they are easier to access than being all over the place on instagram! Hope this helps a bit :) Hope you love it!!


Lets get to it! 4 Ingredients Recipe

Very Cherry Vanilla Nice Cream Bowl

1 cup frozen bing cherries (got a large bag from costco)

2 frozen ripe spotted bananas

1/8 teaspoon organic vanilla or half a vanilla bean pod

1/8 cup of Almond or any nut milk

Toppings of choice!

Tips to make Nicecream!

*To make 'nice cream' (which is non dairy, sugar free usually with a base of bananas or coocnut) its best if you have a good blender like a vitamix or a food processor. If you don't have a good blender it will still taste amazing, just a little harder to get a thick ice cream like consistency.

*Freeze in bulk peeled spotted bananas and store in a closed container or bag (bananas are a good base because of its creamy texture). Mangoes are also a great base. Using fruits like berries will give you a more slushy texture.

*to blend, let frozen fruits defrost a few minutes so you can use the least amount of liquid as possible. I usually use no liquid.

*when blended you will need to stop and go, mash down, stop and go, about 4 or 5 times until you get a creamy smooth swirl, and that is when you know you have done it!!

There are so many great combinations out there! If you are an icrecream fanatic... this may be your ticket for sticking to a healthier regime :)

Its so simple and takes no time at all once ya do it once or twice!

Have a beautiful day!

Be a kitchen star with a bowl of cherry vanilla nice cream; full of chocolate vegan coconut chips and fruity toppings. 

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