Coconut Stracciatella Vegan Ice Cream

Because Chocolate and Coconut Belong together! Check out full recipe below! 

RECIPE Coconut Stracciatella Vegan Ice Cream

1 (13.66 oz) can chilled full fat Thai coconut milk

3 frozen ripe bananas (or 1 extra can of Full fat Thai coconut milk)
1/2 cup coconut sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup vegan chopped chocolate or chocolate chips

THE QUICKEST METHOD: Night Before Prep or just always have these on hand like me so you can jam out ice creams all the time haha :)


FREEZE COCONUT MILK INTO ICE-CUBES OR FLAT IN A LARGE ZIP LOCK BAG (thin enough to be able to break into pieces).

Put all ingredients into blender except chocolate and blend and mash until you see a smooth swirl. You may need to let it defrost a  few minutes before blending (Vitamix's work really really well). 

blend in chocolate for just a few seconds to keep chunks!

you can eat it like this and it would be "nice cream", but if you want ice-cream texture, put in a container like a bread pan, put a covering like plastic wrap or wax paper and let sit about 4 hours. 

Scoop and serve and most importantly... ENJOY your healthy indulgence!

Hope you love it!!

Andy XO

P.S. These rings are from my beautiful friend @gypsylovinlight if your looking for some fun jewels!

A scoop of Coconut Stracciatella Vegan Ice cream; to have barrel of fun and healthy indulgence

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