Morning Start Smoothies and Lemon Water + Molasses

Morning Start Smoothies!

I personally love starting my day with a tall glass of water mixed with fresh lemon juice and apple cider vinegar with a spoon full of molasses (see why below),  followed by a tall hydrating green smoothie. Feel free to double this recipe if you are hungry throughout the morning. I usually sip on this throughout the morning.  Here are two recipes that are simple to make, taste good and take no time at all!

Glow On Smoothie

2 dino kale leafs. or 1 cup baby spinach or baby kale

1 cup frozen or fresh mango (peaches, or pears work well too)
3 frozen ripe banana

1 cup coconut or filtered water or organic almond milk for creamer version

1/2 seeded cucumber (optional)

1/4 cup parsley or mint (optional) - anti-inflammatory - will alter taste slightly.

handful of ice

Blend until smooth - Enjoy!

Morning Start Green Smoothie

1 cup organic apple sauce

1 cup baby kale or baby spinach

3 frozen ripebanana (or mango, or blueberries- it will alter taste but be good).

1 cup ice

Add filtered water to expand if desired.

Blend until smooth!

Morning Start- A few tips to get the day going in the right dirction!

For a good start on the day (you likely will detest this at the beginning haha). Try drinking warm or room temperature water with 1/2 lemon squeezed, 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoonmolasses. WHY? Read below the many reason but right off the bat...  It curbs your appetite like no other and sugary food (Cereals, donuts, whatever), you wont be able to even stomach it! I actually like it this concoction now! My husband has been doing this now for a good 8 months and finds without it he craves sugar etc.  It sets the tone for the day.

Starting your day like this is going to give your insides a morning rinse, your metabolism a kick start, hydrate your cells and curb cravings which naturally prepare you to make food choices that will also support a healthy gut. Listed below is a little more info on what to try! Hope this helps! Pair this with some exercise and you are going to be golden in a matter of no time. I can't promise anything because I am not a professional,  but what I do know is nature is going to support your health more than processed. Its back to the basics with nature!

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar “Braggs” Brand:

Apple cider vinegar and vinegar in general are composed of acetic acid which aids in digestion through its anti-fungal, antibacterial and alkalizing properties. Apple cider vinegar can decrease inflammation throughout the body and specifically the digestive tract. I take 1-2 tbsp. diluted in water every morning or before every meal. Apple cider vinegar has been a remedy to digestive issues for over a thousand years and can even help with reducing candida!

Organic Un-sulphered Black-strap Molasses:

Black-strap molasses is packed with so many nutrients like vitamin B6, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and so much more! Taking a tablespoon of molasses every morning helps to jump start your digestive track and gives your body the minerals and nutrients it needs for healthy hair skin and nails. Interesting fact…black-strap molasses is nutrient dense in magnesium which helps your muscles relax and draws water into the stool which promotes gut health! The best part is a jar of proper molasses is just a couple of dollars!

Fiber Rich Whole Foods

Fiber rich whole foods are so important to a healthy gut because of the effect that fiber has on the digestive system which includes a healthy gut. Fibre rich whole foods can help control blood sugar, promote heart health and offer relief from IBS. I love making green smoothies or having a large salad with kale or spinach. Fiber rich foods help with normal bowel movement and bowel health together. Did you know that staying “regular” helps with energy levels and mood?


It sounds too simple to be a solution to a healthy gut but a healthy gut needs good old fashioned H20 and foods that are dense with it to help keep that digestive tract stay clean and clear. I like to drink a glass of water with lemon right when I wake up and then before every meal the best I can. I also eat a lot of cucumbers and melons which are 96% water!


Lastly exercise! Movement where you can when you can really pays off!  I love to stay active and get in some type of physical exertion everyday whether it’s working out with my hubby, going for a bike ride with the kids, going for a run, swim, doing yoga or going for a surf! Exercise, specifically high intensity interval training (HIIT) has been found beneficial in promoting a healthy gut. (I didn't know this until recently). Exercise helps improve the balance of bacteria in the gut, while improving your circulation, weight, skin, mood and the list goes on….  In case you need some extra motivation!

I hope this helps a bit! I know there is a lot of advise out there! This is what worked for me and if its any help to you that's awesome!!