If you have a thing for sweet and creamy indulgence but want to watch your waste line and keep on your health, try this! PEANUT BUTTER VEGAN NICECREAM! Sooo drool worthy!!

*A big thanks to @RubiasCollective for having fun with me making (and eating :) bowls and help share the recipe (we are planning to make weekly videos!)


A quick intro to @RUBIASCOLLECTIVE! Behind the camera are two of my friends, some of the coolest, hard working, down to earth blonde wahines- Bree and Roxy you will come across. These girls have creative juice running through their veins and they specialize on highlighting other creatives and companies.
I am really excited to be doing more recipes and fun videos around the island with them to share with you !

Something about creating and connecting that is so heart warming! Seeing videos and recipes on youtube is what inspired me to change my health and I am only hoping to add to the uplifting content out there!

You all are amazing and I would love to hear if you have any recipes or you want to see any things you wanna see etc!

Chunky Monkey Nice Cream was created for Sunbum back in December for the Pipeline masters smoothie bowl giveaway! Paired up with Sunbum we made and handed out 600 free bowls out of my families food truck which we hijacked and turned into a smoothie bowl pumping machine for the week! Such a great memory but get lets get to it... RECIPE TIME!

Just 4 ingredients and takes 2 minutes to make creamy drool worthy vegan ice cream!

RECIPE- 4 frozen ripe bananas (spotted skin) (makes 1-2 servings)
1 generous dollop natural nut butter
1 splash (tablespoon) almond milk (or any nut milk)
small handful of vegan chocolate (or koko samoa- my usual)

METHOD- put first three ingredients in blender and wait for bananas to defrost a little bit (3 minutes)
blend while mashing down
stop and stir and the repeat blending and mashing down for about 1 minute until you see a smoothie swirl :)
add vegan chocolate near the end and swirl in for a few seconds!

Top with what you like - here we had organic coconut shreds, fresh banana, crushed macadamia nuts, dollop of nut butter and granola!

Enjoy! Aloha!

Chunky Monkey Vegan Peanut Butter Nice-cream. A cool treat for your family on a hot, sunny day!

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