Coconut Kiwi Lime Nice Cream

This was a gooder!! And only 3 ingredients to make


4 Frozen Ripe Banana

1/4 cup frozen coconut cream ( I open a can of coconut milk and pour it into a zip lock bag and freeze it so its easy to break off a chunk for smoothies)

sweetener of choice (I use coconut sugar)


Let defrost just until slightly soft (2 minutes) and blend and mash and blend and mash until you see the creamy swirl and top with whatever you like! Kiwis and Limes made it so refreshing and added a slight sweet tang which was a nice refreshing change!

Hope you all are having a beautiful day! The weather here can't make up its mind so we are just running errands, cleaning house and all that good exciting kinda stuff :)


Andy XO

Give a sweet treat to your family and friends with a simple Coconut Kiwi Lime Nice Cream . Make it more perfect by topping it with summer berries.

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