Personal Philosophy

Earthy Andy

We are all different and therefore, it is important to become an expert on ourselves. Devote time to get educated and figure out your own health and unique self once and for all! I have been trying to be healthy my whole life, but this year was different. I stopped trying to fit into diets, relying on quick fixes or solely on doctor’s advice. Knowledge is important but at the end of the day, you need to be the driver of your own vehicle.

When you eat clean, your body stops sending ridiculous signals to your brain saying that deep fried food, ice cream or even chocolate is an epic choice for a meal! Instead, your body will tell you what it needs and warns you when you are eating something it does not agree with. For example, I use to eat chocolate every single day. Then I started eating plant-based food and after three weeks, I decided to eat two little pieces of chocolate during Easter. Immediately, the back of my throat started to burn, and I threw up 30 minutes later! My body rejected it completely. I can't believe I was eating that every single day, not realizing how damaging it was. You may not be as sensitive, but all of us can benefit from being in tune with our bodies as a result of clean eating. Recent studies have shown that sugar that is hidden in everyday foods is more addictive than cocaine! It literally controls you brain signals, so remember that!

I had blood tests done and got professional help, which all adds to one’s journey on living healthy. But, it wasn't until I changed my attitude and my outlook on being more responsible that my health

started to bloom and succeed. I will share what I found works for me. Personally, I follow a plant-based vegan lifestyle with an emphasis on food combinations. I’m also learning how to listen to my body and becoming an expert on my personal health. This is possible through a clean, healthy diet. I do not count calories, but instead I eat an abundance of fresh, nutrient dense plant-based foods. This results in a high alkaline diet. I watch my fat intake and keep it below 10% of my daily calories (2100+ calories a day = 210 calories or less in fats). This is where the magic happens! When your fat intake is low, your blood changes. Your body changes the amount of insulin that is released which changes the way your body processes food. For ultimate health and leanness, 80% of my daily calories come from plant based carbohydrates, 10% or less in fats and 10% in plant-based proteins. I use little to no salt and oils. If I do use salt, I use Himalayan salt. Most of my diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. I opt for a cooked plant-based meal as my last meal of the day most days of the week. The goal is to keep your body fueled with fresh, nutrient, dense food that serves your body. *See a full list of foods approved under plant based living. And yes, I have days where my food combinations are not great and where I am eating more cooked food than usual. But I definitely thrive when I stick to a clean, fresh diet with proper food combining. This is still a learning process. If you have set backs, it’s okay! Every step forward counts.

My Routine

Routine Fruit Platters

I start my day with a squeeze of lemon in a liter of water 30 min after I wake up. I add a spoonful of organic black strap molasses ( full of natural occurring minerals, iron, calcium and potassium) which is great for hair, skin and nails. Molasses is also fiber filled which aids digestion).

After I do some exercises, I make a 1.5-liter green smoothie and sip on that throughout the morning. For lunch, I have a mono meal of fresh fruits or a big salad or smoothie bowl, something fresh and raw. For dinner, I have a plant-based cooked meal some days and continue raw on other days. It just depends on what I feel like eating.

I drink a large glass of water before each meal. I aim to finish all meals a couple hours before bed. My motivation for not eating before bed or first thing in the morning, is because the human growth hormone, which is responsible for pretty much everything, including overall health, aging, skin, etc. spikes first thing in the morning and in the first couple hours of deep sleep. This is how your body repairs and improves itself. HGH works best if there is nothing disturbing its job.

Some specific things I have learned about myself following a plant-based diet is that although it is allowed, rice and quinoa do not do me much good. Therefore, I limit my rice and quinoa intake. I also learned that I am very sensitive to food combining, and, therefore, I take it very seriously. I also do not agree with citrus as well as non-citrus fruits, and kale works better massaged or blended. Eating in season is best and most tasty!

Exercising for 30+ minutes a day is like night and day for me. It is so beneficial for my mind, body and mood.

And lastly, consistency is key! If I am eating clean regularly, I can enjoy a night out and indulge in heavy plant based foods like Thai Food or some vegan treats like cashew ice cream or kale chips, etc. But notice that my junk foods are not candy bars or deep fried foods like in my 'glory days'! It seriously is re-learning how to eat and changing your expectations of what it means to be healthy. I

never knew it was possible to feel this good, but now that I know it’s possible, I want to hang on to it! It is amazing!! You just gotta get there!

Fruit Platters