Meals & Platters

My Favorite Tips -

These recipes are all very simple, quick and flexible with ratios of ingredients. Be creative and try different ingredientsto see what you like best. They are great meals or bases to elaborate from.

I use no salt or oil in my cooking.

All recipes on my site are plant based vegan style.

I plan on adding many more recipe but in the mean time think stir fries, soups, corn tacos, corn pasta, roasted vegetables, salads, curries, lettuce wraps, Buddha bowls, vegan sushi, summer rolls, roasted sweet potatoes, etc.

I most always pair my cooked meals with a fresh garden salad!

Aim to fill your body with nutrient dense foods and go from there :)


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Plant Based Vegan Style

Sushi Bowl

Sushi Bowl

One of my favorite quick flavor punched meals

cook rice of choice ( or make cauliflower 'rice' by pulsing in your food processor)

add toppings that you would find in vegan sushi such as:

chopped avocado

cucumber, chives

 shredded carrots

cabbage work too

nori (seeweed shreds)

pickled ginger




rice vinegar

sesame seeds

Put toppings on top of rice or cauliflower rice

for sauce: mix together a tiny wasabi with tamuri and rice vinegar and drizzle over top. If you have cashews, blend them until creamy and add dressing ingredients for a more creamy dressing!



Thai Basil Summer Rolls

Thai Basil Summer Rolls( One of my all time favorites right here)

Thai Vegan Mango Basil Summer Rolls:

Whatever ingredients you want… go for it- be creative! This is one of my favorite right here!
8 rice paper wrappers
a few torn leafy greens ( butter lettuce, soft lettuce is great)
1 medium cucumber
2 medium carrots
1/4 of small red cabbage
a handful of fresh mint or thai basil
1 avocado
a couple green onions
1 mango
crushed peanuts for topping

Slice ALL ingredients necessary into thin strips about 3 inches long. Slice the avocado and mango into pieces.
Soak one rice paper wrapper at a time into a bowl of warm water for about 15-30 seconds.
Put rice paper on a counter or cutting board
Arrange a few of the vegetables and herbs in the center of the wrapper horizontally, starting with the leafy greens and ending with the avocado and mango. Wrap like a burrito fold top over and push ingredients back and then the left and right sides towards the middle. Fold over, tuck and roll delicately but firmly! (If your first ones fall apart.. it still tastes good so no losses! :)
Cut the rolls in half if you want to enjoy its beauty and place on a serving platter
drizzle or dip in your choice of sauce or wrap individually and store in an air tight container for later!


Thai Coconut Chill Sauce Recipe:

13.5-ounce unsweetened coconut milk (full fat for better consistency and full flavor)
1/4 cup of Thai red curry paste ( 2 ounces)
¾ cup unsweetened (natural) creamy peanut butter
½ tsp salt
¾ cup coconut sugar
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar
½ cup water
Put all ingredients into a pot and whisking constantly bring to a very gentle boil over medium heat.
Let simmer for 3-5 minutes over low heat
Take off heat and cool!
Stores very well in a glass jar in the refrigerator . it will thicken, so eat up before serving and add a little water if necessary




Fruit Platters

Fruit Platters

Chop up desired fruits and enjoy to your hearts desire! Great for bringing to BBQ's and parties or having for your own self or family to enjoy! Takes minutes! Fruit is so beautiful and fruit platter options are endless!

*Tip squeeze a little lemon or lime on fruits for extra taste and helps fruit from changing color- especially bananas.




Veggie Platters

Veggie Platters

Taking a few minutes to slice of some veggies makes it more fun and desirable to eat for everything! Some of my favorite dips are hummus, spicy avocado hummus, or smashed avocado with a dash of lemon.



Mono Meal

Mono Meal
Mono meals are a huge part of my diet because I love the simplicity, satisfaction and the benefits I receive as a result of incorporating mono meals into my life.

Simply pick a fruit and eat until you are full and satisfied.

This is extremely gentle on your digestive system. When you eat a variety more than one type of "digestive juice is needed". This is not bad but its just easier to digest when dealing with one type of food.

I use to think this would be boring but now I quite enjoy it!


Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce Wraps

Instead of using bread- wrap it in lettuce! Butter lettuce, Romain lettuce, and collard greens work really well!

I love chopping veggies small and picking either Mediterranean or Spanish, or Thai Theme and going from there!

Mediterranean Lettuce Wraps

chopped cucumbers

red onion



mango (optional)

fresh cilantro, basil or mint (optional)

Mixed chopped vegetables with a little lemon and a little bit of olives

wrap in lettuce!  adding hummus is nice too!