Smoothie Bowls

A Few Tips:
All recipes make enough for one smoothie bowl

Blueberry Slush (enough for 1 smoothie bowl)

2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup + apple sauce
1-2 ripebananas

blend until smooth

 frozen berries defrosted slightly
sliced banana
coconut shreds
rawnola or granola

the frozen berries make everything Slushies and refreshing!

Pink Passion

3 frozen bananas
1 beet
2 handfuls of strawberries
1/4 + almond mylk

sweetener of choice I use coconut sugar or stevia

Blender until smoothie

After Surf Smoothie Bowl

1 acai packet
3 handfuls of frozen mango (or any fruit- also love blueberries)
2 frozen bananas
just enough almond mylk or apple juice to blend

chopped up fruits (kiwi, banana, mango etc)
Rwanda or granola
coconut shreds (toasted coconut is amazing)

The Warrior Bowl

2 handful Frozen Blueberries
2 frozen Bananas
2 acai Packet
Mango Nectar or almond mylk as liquid

Blend until smooth! (I like letting my frozen fruits sit in the blender for a few minutes so its blends with less liquid (make for a thicker consistency)

Add Loads of Toppings and Bottomings

Rawnolaor Granola
as much fresh fruits as you can get your hands on chopped
topped with coconut

Clemintine Mango Smoothie