Hi! This is a new section that I thought I would create to shed some light on blogs, people and companies who are reaching out and sharing an interest in health, veganism, parenting , life balance and just  share good vibes and all that good stuff! Here are a few articles recently focused on  plant based living and just getting to know each other a little better and answer those commonly asked questions. 


In Conversation: Andrea Hannemann, Founder of EarthyAndy by The Vegan Edition

Andrea did just that. A few months prior to hearing this, the North Shore resident became fascinated with a plant based diet called Raw Till 4, a vegan diet that involves eating raw and unprocessed foods until the afternoon. She had initially thought the diet was crazy, but deep down, her intuition told her to give it a try. At the same time, she had a feeling that pushed her to make another decision, which was to create an account on Instagram to document her journey while trying out this new way of life.

There is nothing better than catching up with incredibly genuine and authentic people and today we have to share with you just that! We caught up with the super inspiring Andrea Hannemann; founder of the Instagram account and website @earthyandy. With over 277k followers Andy has inspired thousands of people around the world with her colourful photos of vegan food, her family and Hawaii! Read on to hear Andy’s interview and all about her vegan story and more…

Wellness guru and natural beauty sensation on the healing powers of food, staying motivated to make change and why exercise is her cure-all
                                                                                              by Colleen Crivello

On her last trip to Hawaii our travel ambassador Sandrine from Sunrise Never Ends had the chance to meet Andrea also known as Earthy Andy and had a total girl crush for this amazing woman, her beautiful family and her healthy way of living.

Every year thousands of people flock to the North Shore of Oahu to witness the epic event that is the Billabong Pipe Masters, the final event, and the crown jewel of both the Triple Crown of Surfing and the WSL Championship Tour


Andrea is Tranzend’s vegan inspiration. Her family is the definition of healthy living, body & mind- just check out her instagram page! 

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Cooking with Andrea from Earthyandy

Instant Smoothies Recipe

**My kids absolutely love this smoothie! I freeze leftovers into popsicles.

Canadian Andrea grew up in Saskatchewan and  moved to Hawaii when she was 18. Mama to two young ones, she works for a number of companies as a health ambassador, supporting the vegan message and plant based lifestyle. 

We believe that what we do can change the world.  As pioneers of nutrition, bringers of amazing taste, and believers of higher consciousness, we committed ourselves to preserving the Amazon rainforest.