A few examples of what to eat in a day and a weekly sample shopping list !

The goal is to have a diet that is focused on whole plant based nutrient dense foods.

Life happens and you will have days where you cannot follow exactly but it is good to get into a good habit and makes those habits dominant in your life. Your body will thank you. 


Daily Meal Plans


Day 1

Upon rising, always drink a tall glass lemon water with 1 spoon of molasses (*If taking medicine, take an hour after or before. *Molasses is full of minerals and fiber)


1 Liter Green Smoothie sip on it though the morning

(frozen bananas, large handful of kale, coconut water, ice, cucumber, stevia (when I first started I would sometimes I add 1 tbsp of organic vegan friendly almond creamer  to make it creamy and sweet which helped me and my kids get use to green smoothies. Now I enjoy the taste of a green smoothie on its own).


30 minutes before large glass of water. Mono meal 6-9 mangos or fruit of choice ( I worked up to this). The idea is to eat till you are full. Mono meals are very easy on your digestive track making them desirable for those who have a sensitive system


 30 minutes before large glass of water. Large fully loaded green salad ( I am talking pop corn bowl size) Baked sweet potatoes, sometimes I sprinkle coconut sugar and almond milk and cinnamon into is and mash it up a bit, or just plain. Always eat without quantity restrictions

*snacks: If still hungry grab fruits or chopped up cucumbers for example, bliss balls are great for the go or a handful of rawnola!



Day 2

Upon rising, always drink a tall glass lemon water with 1 spoon of molasses (*If taking medicine, take an hour after or before. *Molasses is full of minerals and fiber)


Large green smoothie , or mono meal of fruit


30 minutes before large glass of water.

Large Salad and smoothie bowl (acai bowls are very common in our home with toppings of fresh fruits, coconut shreds and rawnola)


30 minutes prior large glass of water.

Sushi Bowl - rice as base or salad base loaded with cucumbers, pickled ginger, nori, avocado, chopped tomatoes, etc with some GF low sodium soy sauce with wasabi for a dressing. And miso soup.

*I aim to eat raw until my last meal of the day for digestion purposes and also keeps the focus on raw whole fresh foods! I sometimes will eat raw all day but I love my cooked meals as well!



Day 3

Upon rising, always drink a tall glass lemon water with 1 spoon of molasses (*If taking medicine, take an hour after or before. *Molasses is full of minerals and fiber)


Large smoothie of choice - ex: strawberry beet banana smoothie with almond milk and pinch of stevia



30 minutes prior large glass of water

Papaya or bowl of strawberries with chopped veggies and hummus and maybe 4-6 corn cakes with smashed avocado, cucumbers, basil, tomato and sprouts on top. If you want to remain completely raw until your last meal replace corn cakes with lettuce for wrapping


Thai Food!! Coconut soup infused with lemon grass with mushrooms, cabbage, and bamboo shoots (any veggies you want) with summer rolls and tahini dipping sauce with a cucumber thai salad! Thai food gets me excited! So many options!

*A few examples of cooked plant based meals are (keep low sodium and oil free as much as possible. Season with herbs.) … soups, stews, stir fries, vegan sushi, summer rolls, corn pasta with spaghetti sauce ( I make my own with simply stewed tomatoes a few fresh basil and maybe some onion and garlic pulse together and simmer for 1-2 minutes) Rice, ancient grains, potatoes, sweet potatoes are all acceptable. I find for myself personally, rice is good limited. When you start to eat clean you will become more in tune with you. You will no longer be answering to cravings. This is a powerful and desirable state to be in. Once you are in tune with your body you’re eating patterns will change. You will eat a meal and no longer have craving for something else and then something else never to be satisfied. You will find yourself in control, satisfied and content. You will notice when foods don’t seem to agree with you and be able to eliminate them from your diet. No longer are the days where sugar is in control leading you down a bumpy roller coaster road!


If you would like more daily meal planners or shopping lists let me know on the blog comments!

Meals And Platters Plans



Sample Weekly Shopping List

*Shop for what is in season and feel free to switch in whatever fruits and vegetables you prefer.

*My mind set when I shop is to always have smoothie supplies on hand- frozen and fresh fruit, rawnola, granola, coconut water, almond milk, and coconut shreds.

Sample Weekly Shopping List

*Always have plenty of 'on the go' fruits and vegetables

*If you follow a raw till your last meal meal plan, it is quite easy, the day is very routine. Fruit or smoothie for breakfast, fruit mono meal or smoothie or salad type lunch. Its really the meals that you may want to do a little planning.  I will continually post recipes and ideas to help you along the way! 

10 kg Bananas bananas more bananas (peel chop and freeze a ton for smoothies and nice cream action)

Fruits of choice preferable in season ex

1-2 melons

 box of  mangos

 box of papayas

2 kg bag of oranges

bag of lemons

 2 kg grapes

 4 kg apples

2 kg dates (cooking and medjool)

2-3 large bags of Frozen fruits

acai packets if you have access 

coconut water



Vegetables, Legumes and Herbs in Season

Vegetables, Legumes And Herbs In Season

2 kg Celery

1 kg Carrots

5-10 avocado

5 heads Lettuce

3 heads of kale

10 Cucumbers

2 kg bag of Baby peas

2 kg potatoes (sweet potato and purple are my fav)

4 of squash or zucchinis or peppers

fresh herbs

almond milk

whatever you like!



Cupboard Items to Always Have On Hand


Green Powder (Enerex is the best!!)

seasonings and dried herbs  of choice (cinnamon, pepper, salt free dried herbs)


Rice paper sheets

Nori Sushi sheets

coconut sugar

coconut flakes


Maqui powder

Corn or rice cakes

Canned tomatoes

Sweet chili sauce

organic vegan creamer

low sodium tomato paste and tomatoes



Setting Up For Success

Put your dates to use -Make bulk batch of bliss balls and coco rawnola store in air tight container.

Wash all  produce- if its ready to use and on hand you are pretty much 100 times more likely to go for it!

Peel and chop ripe spotted bananas and freeze in air tight container for nice cream and smoothies/smoothie bowls

Freeze half your grapes - tastes like candy!

Try to buy in produce in different stages of ripeness. If you have greens or fruits about to turn on you simple blend and freeze in cubes with a little coconut water and lemon for easy to use smoothie cubes. Store in air tight container or bag.

Almond mylk ( homemade almond milk is excellent and quite simple to make but store bought it fine too)

Cupboard Items To Always Have On Hand