Stacking Habit #2- Eat A Big Salad Every Day

Hey! How are you guys doing? Hows the big 2019 treating you so far? If you’re reading this I’m guessing you are wanting to make some health upgrades, introduce some new habits into your daily grind, or maybe curious at this point! Whatever the reason I am glad you’re here!

To get everyone up to speed, last week we started a ‘habit stacking challenge’ with the first habit challenge being to drink a tall glass of water each morning to start the day. Check out the last post to read on the many benefits this habit alone can have!

The next habit introduced on Monday on instagram was to eat a popcorn bowl sized salad every day! There are sooo many benefits from eating a variety and leafy greens and vegetables and its one of the easiest things for your body to absorb and digest. In short they are truly magic!

I use to think salads were a punishment but now I look forward to my big bowl of crunch and chew and variety of flavors. Honestly, a good salad is an ‘experience’ haha. It feels so good to sit down to a massive yummy salad!

Personally I’ve seen and felt a huge difference in how I feel from having a salad most every day. I say salad instead of nourish bowl because I like my base to be leafy greens and a topping to be what you might have as your base of a nourish bowl (ie rice). I like the leafy greens to dominate my bowls. The things that I noticed the most right away is digestion. Over time I noticed a difference in my skin, my physique, energy and mind clarity. Greens and a variety of vegetables are so gentle on the body yet so deliver such powerful results. Every time I stop eating greens and veggies I notice a difference right away and every time I get back into making them a priority all the benefits kick in again. Have you experienced this?


What I do to make life easy and set up for success is first, stalk up on produce. Secondly, wash and prep enough for the day or two. If I don’t prep ahead of time I’m much more likely to eat something else when the time to eat comes. If its prepped and ready to go, that is exactly what I am going to eat.

The act of purchasing produce and prepping it is such a powerful path to making healthy choices in your kitchen! A few minutes a day ( I am talking max 10 minutes) can make all the difference in your daily diet which ends up affecting your whole life when you think about it!

What I like to do is put on some music, or a youtube video or listen to a podcast and just wash and chop some stuff for later in the day! Or okay lets be real, be breastfeeding with one hand and rinsing with the other, end up eating half of it with my hands and slapping on a lid for later haha. If the kids and Shem are home then they are in there helping and it just becomes a happy enjoyable things! It turns a chore into a moment to look forward too. Its therapeutic if you let it but rushed is okay too! The vegetables dont know the difference :)

A few more tips here…A simple salad with quality ingredients is way better than a complicated salad with poor quality ingredients. If you can, get good lettuce (local, in season, organic lettuce).

Second tip: Do not cover your bowl of nutrition with syrup aka store bought salad dressing. So many salad dressings are packed with sugar and other crap that’s not doing any good beside kissing our taste buds.

Personally, on a day to day basis, I like as simple as olive oil or cold pressed flax seed oil and a little salt and pepper and let the flavors of the vegetables comes through. If you go to France, this is how it seems to be done in so many places and homes from our experience. They are on to something here :) Its amazing.

Another simple dressing is taking some seed mustard, and olive oil or flax with a little lemon or taking your favorite hummus adding some water or lemon to expand it or avocado with some lemon and massaging into your lettuce!

Of course you can make full on dressings and there are healthy options you can buy too but these are my just slap together options that I love and tend to use most every day!

I need to wrap things up but keep it up!! Keep drinking your morning water, breaking a sweat each day and enjoying that big green bowl of goodness!

If you’d like to share your experience or your thoughts use #earthydays on instagram or below!

oh one more thing! To bulk up a salad and make it into a meal- avocado, rice, roasted veggies, nuts and seeds are my go tos!

Love you guys!! Baby is waking! GTG! mwah!