Stacking Habit #2- Eat A Big Salad Every Day

Hey! How are you guys doing? Hows the big 2019 treating you so far? If you’re reading this I’m guessing you are wanting to make some health upgrades, introduce some new habits into your daily grind, or maybe curious at this point! Whatever the reason I am glad you’re here!

To get everyone up to speed, last week we started a ‘habit stacking challenge’ with the first habit challenge being to drink a tall glass of water each morning to start the day. Check out the last post to read on the many benefits this habit alone can have!

The next habit introduced on Monday on instagram was to eat a popcorn bowl sized salad every day! There are sooo many benefits from eating a variety and leafy greens and vegetables and its one of the easiest things for your body to absorb and digest. In short they are truly magic!

I use to think salads were a punishment but now I look forward to my big bowl of crunch and chew and variety of flavors. Honestly, a good salad is an ‘experience’ haha. It feels so good to sit down to a massive yummy salad!

Personally I’ve seen and felt a huge difference in how I feel from having a salad most every day. I say salad instead of nourish bowl because I like my base to be leafy greens and a topping to be what you might have as your base of a nourish bowl (ie rice). I like the leafy greens to dominate my bowls. The things that I noticed the most right away is digestion. Over time I noticed a difference in my skin, my physique, energy and mind clarity. Greens and a variety of vegetables are so gentle on the body yet so deliver such powerful results. Every time I stop eating greens and veggies I notice a difference right away and every time I get back into making them a priority all the benefits kick in again. Have you experienced this?


What I do to make life easy and set up for success is first, stalk up on produce. Secondly, wash and prep enough for the day or two. If I don’t prep ahead of time I’m much more likely to eat something else when the time to eat comes. If its prepped and ready to go, that is exactly what I am going to eat.

The act of purchasing produce and prepping it is such a powerful path to making healthy choices in your kitchen! A few minutes a day ( I am talking max 10 minutes) can make all the difference in your daily diet which ends up affecting your whole life when you think about it!

What I like to do is put on some music, or a youtube video or listen to a podcast and just wash and chop some stuff for later in the day! Or okay lets be real, be breastfeeding with one hand and rinsing with the other, end up eating half of it with my hands and slapping on a lid for later haha. If the kids and Shem are home then they are in there helping and it just becomes a happy enjoyable things! It turns a chore into a moment to look forward too. Its therapeutic if you let it but rushed is okay too! The vegetables dont know the difference :)

A few more tips here…A simple salad with quality ingredients is way better than a complicated salad with poor quality ingredients. If you can, get good lettuce (local, in season, organic lettuce).

Second tip: Do not cover your bowl of nutrition with syrup aka store bought salad dressing. So many salad dressings are packed with sugar and other crap that’s not doing any good beside kissing our taste buds.

Personally, on a day to day basis, I like as simple as olive oil or cold pressed flax seed oil and a little salt and pepper and let the flavors of the vegetables comes through. If you go to France, this is how it seems to be done in so many places and homes from our experience. They are on to something here :) Its amazing.

Another simple dressing is taking some seed mustard, and olive oil or flax with a little lemon or taking your favorite hummus adding some water or lemon to expand it or avocado with some lemon and massaging into your lettuce!

Of course you can make full on dressings and there are healthy options you can buy too but these are my just slap together options that I love and tend to use most every day!

I need to wrap things up but keep it up!! Keep drinking your morning water, breaking a sweat each day and enjoying that big green bowl of goodness!

If you’d like to share your experience or your thoughts use #earthydays on instagram or below!

oh one more thing! To bulk up a salad and make it into a meal- avocado, rice, roasted veggies, nuts and seeds are my go tos!

Love you guys!! Baby is waking! GTG! mwah!

Stacking Habits Challenge- MORNING WATER #earthydays

Hi Hi! Happy New Years everyone! I did a poll recently on instagram that asked, “do you like making new years resolutions?” “Yes, I thrive off of them” or “No, it makes me cringe”. It turned out almost 50/50! Isn’t that interesting? I totally get it…Making goals is easy but the follow through is a totally different beast. Some people are naturally just driven by challenge and don’t have a problem making changes to complete their goals but for others its really really hard!

I personally find change hard if it requires discipline! I use to be really good at change but like a muscle discipline gets weaker the less you use it and I think the older I get the more set in my ways I get! haha. But talking about health… for the past years it took a lot of discipline to figure out my health, go plant based vegan and learn to love exercise. Now, I can’t live any other way and I enjoy it! Getting to a place where you enjoy the way you live is the goal, I think. If you can get through the battle of change, fight off the cravings, develop new cravings, and find the joy in these new habits you’re wanting to adapt then you’re cruising! This is the sweet spot!

So as we go into this challenge just keep in mind that change requires getting a bit uncomfortable at first. Welcome it as this is where the magic happens!

Personally I am really excited because every since my sweet baby Nalu was born six weeks ago, my sugar cravings have gone through the roof. And it hasn’t been for fruit, its been for processed crap! It feels like over night all the sudden all I want is cereal, and breads and vegan junk food which is taking its toll on me. My stomach has been so out of whack and super bloated and just ugggggh. Im over it.

Every day I say, ’gosh I got to eat better’, but then I don’t know what happens, but at some point of the day I just end up filling up on this junk that ends up making my stomach go crazy! I think breastfeeding and the lack of sleep has got my hormones all over the place and its been a total reminder how hard it is to change when your cravings are strong! So, the inspiration for this challenge is coming from a place of… I need to make these changes asap, I’ve done it before and it fully changed my life and now I need to tweak my lifestyle again so I can feel as good as I did and would fully love to support each other and do it together with who ever is in! The goal is to feel great from the inside out which will also help you be lean, strong, energetic vibrant humans! It will be 100% easier and more successful for each of us if we motivate each other!

So, what is the stacking habits challenge? Its a health challenge that is going to introduce new mini habits every few days to incorporate into your life. Each habit alone has the ability to make a big difference in your health but doing all of them could result in an entire lifestyle up grade.



Every single day, as soon as you wake up, on an empty stomach, drink a tall glass of water ( ie 16 ounces).

WHY? ‘Water fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain fuel, and helps curb sugar cravings. Its the cheapest, easiest most beneficial thing you could do to start your day!

If you want to take it one step further, take a ‘morning bomb’ (lemon and or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with or without molasses and water). This is what I normally do and what makes the biggest difference. If you are a person that craves those quick sugars in the morning (bagel and cream cheese, muffins, cereals etc, this habit will help incredibly).

Personally, I like to make a second small glass of water so I can take it like a shot.

Morning Bomb Recipe

1 Tablespoon lemon

1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar

aprox 1/4 cup water

1 Tablespoon black strap molasses (takes the edge off and is a great source of minerals and fiber)

You might cringe every time you drink it. haha. I do, but it fully sets your mind and body up for the day.

Apple cider vinegar and lemon are fantastic assistants in the detox department aiding in breaking down fats and toxins, and also helps digestion, aids in the absorption of nutrients from your food and helps balance out your body’s ph.

Every day you do this… in fact every time you drink a glass of water, comment a water drop on the last post on my IG @earthyandy to show everyone you’ve done it! It will help motivate us all!


BREAK A SWEAT EVERY DAY. Tell us what you did to break that sweat via IG! If you see someones comment of something you’ve never done before be adventurous and try it! Maybe even dare a friend to do it with you!

If you’d like to share your progress or insights on what your doing tag me @earthyandy and use hashtag #EarthyDays


21 Earthy Days is ultimately a health challenge to encourage more plant based foods into ones diet while simultaneously inviting holistic balance into ones life! This one has a "stoked to sweat" portion lead by my sister in law Mona! You might know her as fitness guru @rocamoon, and a mini sustainible and gratitude challenge along side the ultimate challenge to eat "plant over processed" at each meal. See below and feel free to make it your own!   I will be doing it with you and answering questions on IG posts as much as I can! 

Hello hello!  We got back a week and a half ago from a few months of traveling and although we ate good, we indulged a lot too! Too much salt, oil, yummy treats and processed foods really adds up and  its actually become an awesome reminder of why eating clean on a consistent basis is so awesome and beneficial. Your energy, body composition and mood are just 10 times better as a result!

In the end its really a matter of finding a balanced lifestyle that works for you and thats what I hope this challenge helps you create more than anything else! Personally, I follow a 80% really good choices and 20% not as good choices. i.e. 80% Living raw foods 20% processed or cooked foods. 

Feel free to take this as far as you want to!  I will post tips and try to answer as many questions as possible to help you, and if you are open to share your experience or even a cool recipe with us all who are doing it  use the hashtag #21earthydays on instagram! You can also check out my meal plan with recipes here and past 21 earthydays challenges here. For more information, tips, educational resources, and recipes take a look through my website for starters! This is everything I learned and used to change my own health. Note all health claims and information on my blog have been approved by certified doctor Joy Ostroff. 


Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 2.08.18 PM.png


GOAL 1: 

#1. Very Cherry Vanilla Nice Cream.jpeg

PLANT BEFORE PROCESSED: Eat plant before processed every time you're about to eat something. (Even if you're going to eat something processed make a promise to yourself you will get something in fresh first). - ex apple, smoothie, cut up veggies, a pop corn bowl sized salad. Preferably something raw and water dense as opposed to dried fruit and nuts if possible. The purpose of this is to train the hand and mind to reach for the fresh produce when your hungry and possibly craving sugars and fats! This will help settle your cravings, guarantee to get nutrients in your body and help you stay on track. If you can master this alone your entire eating habits will change! 

GOAL 2: 


BREAK A SWEAT: Every day of the work week, break a sweat! In whatever way you want just challenge your body, get your heart pumping and break a sweat! My sister in @rocamoon has created some epic workouts we can do together for anyone who wants a plan! Follow her for updates, work outs and tips and check out her 21 days of stoked to sweat here! Thanks for putting this together Mona!! I can't wait! Side note, Mona change my despise for burpees and other exercises into something I actually crave and as a result lt I feel leaner and stronger! Mixing in her workouts with swims, surf, yoga, beach runs, etc has kept things interesting, challenging and fun!


STRAW & PLASTIC WATERBOTTLE FREE: For 21 days see if you can refrain from using any plastic straws and plastic water bottles! This may be super easy for you or a hard challenge! Straws and plastic water bottles are everywhere and wreak havoc on our oceans and environment. See if you can either bring your own reusable  straw and bottle around with you or drink without one! If this is too easy, make your own sustainable challenge! 


SHOW GRATITUDE: Every day take a moment to close your eyes and think about 5 things you are grateful for that day. Reflect on what happened that day, did anything stand out to you that made you smile or feel grateful, did a friend help you out, do you have good neighbors, did your boyfriend or your husband or mom or child or even a stranger make you feel loved some how, are you grateful for a strong body or mind...whatever it is, just take a moment to really relish in these things and moments!

In a nut shell these are the four goals! Plant before processed, break a sweat, go straw free and gratitude! Feel free to share with us all who are joining using tags #21earthydays and #stokedtosweat.

Most every day I will share a tip of the day, and recipe idea of the day! I will use IG stories and posts if you'd like to follow along on @earthyandy and @rocamoon will be sharing tips and exercises on her page!  See if you can grab a friend or a family member to do it with ya! 

Hey! For those of you that got my where focus goes energy flows bowls this is a great time to put them to use!! Show us what you create in your coconut! And if you want to get one   click here! 

Hey! For those of you that got my where focus goes energy flows bowls this is a great time to put them to use!! Show us what you create in your coconut! And if you want to get one click here! 


NOTE: I started this health journey 3 years ago purely for health reasons but the more I learned the more I realized how much of our lifestyle goes full circle and effects the planet and can make an ethical difference! If it wasn't for internalizing these issues, I think I would have a hard time living plant based vegan consistently. Its these reasons that give more purpose and meaning beyond myself. In saying that, I don't know where you are on your own journey or what your current beliefs are but if you're readying this you're curious and have an open mind. Keep that curiosity and use it to your advantage! If want to go  fully vegan go for it!! If it's much too intimidating right now, try 'meatless mondays', or have one vegan meal a day! Feel it out! And if you are keeping the goal of "plant before processed" you are automatically cutting down on the amount of animal products you might have been eating before, and how much plastic waste you create - not to mention the many health benefits you will gain! I remember being shocked to stay the least!  So without further adieu lets get going and see what the next weeks brings!!

Please use instagram comment as a way to communicate as direct message or email is not possible for me! I hope thats okay! Lots of love!!

-Andy xoxo